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MUN- Model United Nations

Our Coaches are passionate about developing students’ confidence through public speaking and have conducted many training seminars for NAMUN staff and high school students

What exactly is Model UN? At a Model UN conference, students transform themselves into World Leaders for a day or for an entire weekend. From age11 to college students can join conferences (competations)

As a Model UN “delegate,” students take on the role of a representative of another country to the United Nations, where they have the opportunity to embrace that country’s perspective, argue for the policies of that country on the assigned topic, and write a resolution on behalf of their assigned country.


This allows students to put themselves in the shoes of an international diplomat, seek to understand the issues that our world and other countries are facing, and propose implementable solutions to respond to those pressing challenges.


As a Model UN delegate representing an assigned country, students participate in a “committee” with assigned topics. They may learn about access to sustainable technology in developing countries, how sports can help promote peace, how to reduce the risk of nuclear war, how to curb the spread of global pandemics, or how the world can come together to stop the threat of global climate change.


Each delegate is presented with the task of deciding what the UN should do about these issues, finding other delegates with similar opinions to work with, and drafting and getting other delegates in committee to approve their “resolution” - a document filled with solutions to the issue at hand.


Most of a Virtual Model UN conference is based in the “committee,” where delegates will debate and discuss the topic, negotiate with one another, and ultimately write a resolution to take action on the issue.


A committee, at a Virtual Model UN conference, is a virtual room of 15-50 students, who are all representing different countries. Students are led by a “Chair” who helps guide the committee, foster engaging and dynamic debate, and ensure delegates are familiar with the virtual MUN elements. 


Over 500,000 students that participate in Model UN every year, or an episode of Parks and Recreation, Model UN is a rapidly growing activity for students around the world. Model UN is a fantastic activity for students interested in building their understanding of international peace and security, health, technology, human rights, and the sustainable development goals.

Canada is home to dozens of Model UN delegations and conferences across the country, with thousands of Canadian students taking part in these simulations annually

Learning MUN is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their understanding of global issues, critical thinking, and communication skills.

The class will  introduces students with the rules, role and responsibilities of the Model UN and students will gain  skills in public speaking, research and writing, negotiation and powers of persuasion, leadership, organization, and interpersonal communication.





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