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Our instructors are seasoned debaters themselves; collectively, they have debated at many internationally-renowned tournaments all over the world and won numbers of awards in international and national competitions They have competed against some of the best debaters of their time and are now passionate in delivering a comprehensive and engaging curriculum to students
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Debating is by no means the same as entering into a full-on argument. In fact, you will need to develop a succinct, effective argument, which will gain you support and kudos, rather than blindly attacking your opponent.


1.      Debating helps you to develop essential critical thinking skills

It will also help you to become more humble well, you can’t be right all the time!


2.      The ability to articulate and plan your thoughts is key in debating, producing a well- planned out and sharp argument. Debating helps you to identify your audience and choose the appropriate tone. Too formal a tone will only alienate you from your listeners, while being too relaxed might undermine your own arguments.


3.      Debater must have acquired core elements through education, Education is the key  A good debater will use all knowledge they have acquired through education – useful both inside and outside the classroom.



4.      Think outside of the box, challenge your opponent – Make a decisive decision Hesitating could cost you precious time and points. In fact, the ability to think on your feet could stand you in good stead in any situation which life throws at you, when time is of the essence and a decision needs to be made fast.


5.      Conflict resolution A good debater will remain focused and won’t stray from the issue they are discussing. Knowing how to lose graciously and accept your failings are important skills, both in debating and during everyday life. This will also help resolve any conflicts before they have a chance to begin. So, accept any criticism that comes your way.


6.      A successful speaker will always maintain a degree of empathy while debating

Nobody is asking you to always agree with the other party’s argument, but empathy is an important life skill, helping you to improve your relations on a personal and professional level.


7.      Debating will help keeping your emotions in check A good debater will also remember to retain an element of poise and composure Addressing the issue rather than getting carried away emotionally. In fact, managing your emotions. It is no easy skill to manage, but will gain you respect in every walk of life.


8.      Presentation skills Presentation plays a crucial part in how others perceive you as an individual, and more importantly, as competition. Good presentation skills will earn you instant respect both while debating and in future situations.


9.      Good presentation skills will also help boost confidence Helping you to shine at interview If you are confident,  you feel more able to take on increased responsibility and even take some risks – helping you to stand out as an individual.


10.  Be more socially conscious Debating also requires you to address a whole range of diverse social issues and viewpoints. Being more socially and politically aware is not only important while debating but it will also ensure that you connect and relate better to others, both socially and in the workplace.


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