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2024 Winter/Spring semester is from January 8th to June 30.

  • Early Bird due by Dec. 31st 2023, registration due by January 5th, 2024.

  • Our referral program is back. Both referrer (existing student) and referee (new student) will receive $30 referral fee.


2024 Winter/Spring Course Registration Notes:

1) 5% early bird discount will be applied if the payment is made by Dec. 31, 2023;

2) 5% discount will be applied for one family registering for two courses at the same time; 

3) 10% discount will be applied for each family with enrollment of three or more courses or combination of two courses and early bird;

4) The Max discount is 10% per family.

5) Payment due date: Early bird by Dec. 31st, 2023, and all other registrations due by January 5th, 2023;

6) To find course code, please click "Online Courses" from the main menu and then click 2024 Spring Course Schedule.

To complete the course registration, please directly EMT to and refer to the student's name and course code in the "comment" section. Please note that we will try our best to arrange the student in the time frame you registered. However, it might not be guaranteed due to limited space. If there is any spot availability issue, we will contact you to discuss. 



2024 Winter/Spring 课程注册须知:

1) 如果在2023年12月31日之前注册付款,将享受5%的早鸟优惠;


3)一家庭同时报三门或以上课程, 或两门课程与早鸟组合可享受10%的折扣;



6) 课程code请参照课程表 ( 点击 Online Courses, 参见 2024 Winter/Spring Course )

Why UNIC Learning?

Our philosophy is that excellent teachers will enable their students to perform at the best level.

Our teachers all have a stellar educational background,  and extensive educational experience.

They are passionate about challenging students, pursuing excellence, training students' specialized skills and improving students' comprehensive qualities.

During the teaching process, our teachers will provide students with support outside the academic world and carry out activities that help improve leadership, teamwork, insight and analysis of problems, and rapid decision-making.

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